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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Christmas Miracle

I am so blessed.....beyond words, I am so blessed.

I have been married for almost 11 years. For 7 long years my husband and I struggled with infertility. After many procedures and almost giving up we were finally blessed with the pregnancy of our daughter. "A true miracle" I was told by many doctors. I was also told that we would probably never have other biological children. We had come to accept that and were so beyond grateful for the miracle of my daughter.

I figured God would let me know when it was time to pursue having another child. I had told myself that this January would be a good time to decide what direction we wanted to go in. Well, God had another plan. In Oct. I found out that I was expecting. Imagine our complete surprise, "what??, we can't....what??, really??........wow!!" But it's true, I am expecting this June, my second little miracle.

It has been a fun first months, but I have been pretty sick, so I have taken a bit of a break this fall. I am feeling a bit back to my normal self, and will be getting back into the swing of things this Jan. So if you are interested in a photo session or a mentoring session please email me. I have also had a lot of interest in another workshop, so if you are still interested let me know.

May you all be blessed with miracles this Christmas Season!!

I am so blessed.....beyond words, I am so blessed.

This is the poem we had in our Christmas cards this year....Love it!

The Fifth Season

In the spring of life,
In the flower of youth,
Everything is bright and new.

In the summer of life,
Time of growth and change,
Each day brings new dreams to pursue.

In the autumn of life,
There's a settling down --
Contentment and sureness in what we do.

In the winter of life,
Comes peace and wisdom,
Time to relax and reminisce, too.

But with the passing of these seasons,
Life is still not done, not through,
For there is yet another season,
When each spirit is renewed.

And it is in this calm fifth season,
In this hopeful second spring,
A time of cleansing and rebirth,
A time of new awakening.

Each person's life will come full circle,
Even as the seasons do,
To start another, different life,
Much better than the one we knew.


Destinee Saturday, December 26, 2009  

Tiffany, I am so, so excited for you. What a blessing! When I read the title I was hoping that for you! Congratulations!!

Love the poem.

Mark, Holly and Boys Saturday, December 26, 2009  

CONGRATULATIONS!!! How wonderful!

Chelsey Saturday, December 26, 2009  

What an amazing gift this Christmas - congratulations! Such a beautiful poem ... what a blessing, congrats again

Lindsay Saturday, December 26, 2009  

Congrats! That is really amazing.

Shannon Morgan Photography - Port Orchard, WA Photography Saturday, December 26, 2009  

Tiffany!!! I am beyond happy for your family!! truly a miracle!! As you know I am interested in a family session in March as well, and possibly a mentoring session then as well. I think you have my email, so let me know what I need to do next :)!! Glad you are feeling better!!

Julie Parker Saturday, December 26, 2009  

Congratulations, I am so happy for you!

Nicole Sunday, December 27, 2009  

Congrats! I am so happy for you. I am also glad to hear you are feeling better. That pregnancy stuff is not for sissies.

I would love it if you put together a workshop. :)

Leah Sunday, December 27, 2009  

That is so exciting! I am so very happy for you and your family. I would be very interested in a mentoring session or a workshop....I will keep checking back and see if you are doing any more....congrats again...take care of yourself and your sweet baby!

Jessie Monday, December 28, 2009  


Stephanie Monday, December 28, 2009  

This is the best Christmas present ever. Congratulations!

Jenny Miller Monday, December 28, 2009  

I just knew something was up!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!
You are such a great mom! Hope all is well and that you start feeling better soon!

Jackie Monday, December 28, 2009  

Congrats! I was wondering what you were up to because you hadn't been posting as much. What wonderful news!

Chellese Monday, December 28, 2009  

I don't know why my blog didn't show this update so I'm a little late, but I have to add my huge congratulations! I'm so so so excited for you and your family. Glad that you are feeling better. Let me know when you need my help. XOXO.

maria Tuesday, December 29, 2009  

What a perfectly wonderful gift! Congratulations!

mary jane Tuesday, December 29, 2009  

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am so happy for you! I would be very interested in a workshop!!

Heather M Tuesday, December 29, 2009  

From one mom who makes miracles to another....CONGRATS and here's the biggest blessings your way!!!

Kelle Wednesday, December 30, 2009  

Congratulations!! I am so HAPPY for you! I wish all the best, and I am in need of a family session this spring!

Jon, Markey & Bennett Wednesday, December 30, 2009  

That is fantastic news. I am so happy for you.

Rhonda Wednesday, December 30, 2009  

another sweet baby to love....congratulations.

Kim Wednesday, December 30, 2009  

Congrats, what a wonderful blessing. I plan to make a trip to utah(from Canada) For a family session as well as mentoring/workshop!!

Carrie Wednesday, December 30, 2009  

Congratulations! I am so happy for you. Glad you are feeling better!

Linnea Saturday, January 02, 2010  

Tiffany - I am so happy for you! I know it's ridiculous because I've never met you, but I feel connected to you through reading your blog for so long, and it really brought tears to my eyes to read that you are expecting. What a wonderful blessing! I wish you a wonderful pregnancy and a beautiful healthy June baby!

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