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Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm back......and I wish I was still on the beach!

Well I guess it's always good to get home too but I sure do love the coast! I grew up in no. Cali always at the beach and it was nice to spend a few days by the water again!
What an amazing climate Santa Barbara has, 50-75 degrees on average year round!!! It was a bit cool in the mornings and perfect in the afternoon......so perfect! We had a blast and of course I took a lot of pics. The concert was so much fun Jack was awesome but I think I liked his first concert better a few years back. Anyways I wanted to share a few pics of the trip and let you all know that I am back and will be getting to my emails soon. And I'll be posting more of the cute family I had before I left, hopefully in the next few days!

The poor unsuspecting birds got to be my models, since my husband was done with pics after a few.

This pelican was a great model, it didn't move just let me snap away!
Pelican with perspective

Sittin' by the dock of the bay

Our footprints....I wish we had my daughters' right in the middle....next time! Although I'm not sure there will be a next time my husband felt like a total dork doing this with me!
Here like this together

Just a fun shot under the warf
Gentle Waves

We were watching the surfers off the coast. Doesn't my husband just look like a tourtist......ha the funny thing is he dresses like this everyday! It's been a long standing joke our whole marraige that one day he would own his own business and wear hawaiian shirts and flip flops to work. Well, we now own our own business(an ATV and scooter dealership) and he wears hawaain shirts and tennis shoes everyday....close enough! I have a great picture of him looking at the camera, unfortunately he decided to give me the bird, its the funniest picture though!!
Cali coast

We also got to go to the Museum of Art in SB too. I was lucky enough to catch an Exhibit of famous old Hollywood Photographers and famous pictures (lucky me I know!)It was awesome to see the originals of some amazingly famous Hollywood pictures! I snapped up one pic just to give you an example of what I'm talking about.
Museum of ARt

Ok and these next pictures are hilarious! This seriously funny hippie guy had this killer van parked out by the beach and was taking donations if you took pics of it. Of course I gave him a few bucks and snapped away. He was so nice and so funny. Anyways this van was so amazing. It had so many things on it to even begin to take pics of it so I got a few to share. Checkout the detail of the van, it was loaded with toys, legos, beads, dolls, etc.etc.
hippie van 2

hippie van

and the self proclaimed Hippie himself! He was like Hippie Santa...ha ha!
THe hippie himself

and to end it on a much prettier note.....The sunset our first night there....so, so much prettier!
Sunset in Santa Barbar

All in all we had soo much fun and can't wait to go back soon. Of course I wish I had models with me, I found some AMAZING locations, seriously rustic beach houses and buildings, bright colored doors, beautiful flowers etc......oh it was awesome!!


Dean Ray Saturday, August 30, 2008  

dog WoW!!!!! i followed your art fotogs to the end and now i am left with a delima;-) i can not find the proper adjective to use to describe your work;-) i am not going to try. i will say two things, the eyes are the window to the heart, and {A MOMENT IN TIME}

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